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What Is The Play It Safe Ocean City


PLAY IT SAFE sponsors  special alcohol and drug-free events during June honoring high school graduates who choose to celebrate their graduation in Ocean City, Maryland.


THE MISSION OF PLAY IT SAFE is to encourage high school graduates to make informed, healthy choices while having responsible fun without the use of alcohol and other drugs
And Now A Word From



The Mayor of Ocean City

Congratulations Class of 2015 and Welcome to Ocean City!

You have passed a major milestone with your recent graduation from high school now it is time to relax and have some fun and where better to do that than right here in Ocean City, Maryland!

I remember very well the summer of 1967 when I, like you today, visited Ocean City with my friends and classmates to celebrate our graduation. It was a great time to be in Ocean City and although the town may look just a little bit different today it still features the same beach, boardwalk and sense of excitement that we enjoyed back in “The Day”.

Now it is your turn to experience that new found sense of freedom and all of the fun and excitement o f Ocean City. It is a time to reminisce with your friends and to begin to talk about the future as you experience days on the beach and nights out on the boardwalk.

We encourage you to enjoy all of the great alcohol free events offered by the Play It Safe Program while you are here celebrating in Ocean City. This is your week to shine in the Ocean City Sun and we hope that is a safe experience that you will remember for a lifetime!


Rick Meehan 

Mayor Town of Ocean City. 


Partnership to a Better Community



 The Maryland, Delaware, District of Columbia Elks Lodge Association with their Drug Awareness Program Trailer are just one of our many partners helping youth make Informed Healthy Choices while having responsible fun, without the use of Drugs, and Alcohol.

And The Winner Is... 


Ocean City, Md.- The Ocean City Drug Alcohol Abuse Prevention Committee is proud to announce The 2015 Play It Safe Ocean City Poster Contest Award Winner Kim Michalik from WiHi Senior High School. Kim Poster will appear here on our web site, stationary, and Free Tee Shirts. To Read more about the Poster Contest Click Here!


March Madness Mini Golf Tournament!



Ocean City,Md.- The Ocean City Drug Alcohol Abuse Prevention Committe held it's 8th Annual March Madness Mini Golf Tourney on Monday March 9th 2015 at Old Pro Indoor Outdoor Miniature Golf 136th Street. The fundraiser was attended by numerous foursomes who competed for great prizes from area golf courses and to Beat the Pro! All proceeds benefit the 2015 Play It Safe Ocean City Project. To see a complete wrap up and  For More Information Click Here





8,318 Participants in the 2014 Play It Safe Ocean City Project 
Ocean City,Md.- The 2014 Play It Safe Project hosted over 8,318 High School Seniors Participants to Fun Alcohol & Drug Free Events while celebrating Our 25th Year! To see a complet wrap up of 2014 Stats Click Here



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